Friday, February 23, 2007

Silents, please!

Wired magazine takes a look at the growing interest in silent films - the production of new silent films that tackle an art form pretty much dead for the past seven decades. (Odd to run into this article today, considering that I'm going to see my musician friend Gil accompany the 1929 silent feature "Show People" on Saturday at the North Carolina School of the Arts.)

My own theory about the resurgance of interest in silents is the way that our society is becoming more "iPod plugged". Look around you in any big city, high school or college town and you'll see young whipper-snappers wandering around all day plugged, headphones firmly implanted in ear canals, listening to music as they walk to class, jog or study. In a sense, with a constant stream of music and visual cues of the world around them, a big chunk of their lives are becoming a real life silent movie.

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