Tuesday, January 20, 2009


According to the IMDB Studio Update, Jim Carrey (yeah, that Jim Carrey - the rubber-faced guy) and Ewan McGregor are co-starring in a new movie - a gay romantic comedy.

I can't believe I just typed in the words "Jim Carry" and "gay romantic comedy" in the sentence.

The movie premiered at Sundance to "glowing" reviews. The Hollywood Reporter notes that Cary's "comedic versatility and impersonations are amazing, but it's in his character's darkest recesses that he's truly powerful. As the steadfast Phillip, McGregor is sympathetic and vulnerable. His heart is always ready to be broken."

Daily Variety, of course, fretted that the gay subject matter would limit the market for the movie, but that audiences might be curious about Carrey's performance.

The piece at IMDB also notes:

At a news conference at the festival Carrey didn't hesitate to stoke the curiosity. When asked what it was like to kiss a man, he turned towards McGregor and quipped: "A dream come true. I mean, look at the guy."

The film's title? "I Love You Phillip Morris".

Hmph. Makes me think of the tobacco company, since I'm so used to hearing "Caaaalll for Phiiiilip Moorrrriss" in so many old radio shows.

And, by the way, is anyone associated with this production (the director, stars, writer) actually gay?

Seeing Jonathan Demme's "Philadelphia", with Tom Hanks dancing around with an IV bottle humming opera like the worst stereotype of an old queen just really turned me against gay movies made by straight Hollywood. "Brokeback Mountain"'s rather twwwagic take on gay relationships irked me as well.

Straights trying out the whole "gay" thing seems to be a theme at Sundance this year. Another entry creating buzz (and already getting a distribution deal) is "Humpday", a story about two stright 30-something former college buddies who reconnect one weekend, drink lots of alcohol, and decide to make a porn movie of themselves. Salon has an article about it.

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