Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Obama puts gay at head of secretarial pool

After inviting dullard blowhard Rick Warren to convocate at the Inauguration, Obama promptly pissed off many LGBTs, since Warren equates homosexuality with bestiality and pedophilia (and was an active campaigner against Prop 8).

The Obama camp saw the outrage of LGBTs and said "Meh...big deal. We're inclusive because we have a Gay marching band at the Inaugural!"

Now that LGBTs have continued to be rather disgusted with Warren and Obama's embracing of this slick, tv preacher that's really no better than deceased blowhard Jerry Falwell, Obama seems to be reaching out to LGBTs to make amends.

It seems that Gays have a role model now in the White House. Someone in a position to aspire to.

Yes, amongst all the positions appointed in the new administration, there's an actual GAY person.

What is this person doing, you might ask?

Well, he's managing the White House secretarial pool.

Sorry, Obama team - I'm still planning to change my voter registration to "Independent" and make a donation to the Green Party on Inaugration Day.

I'll vote for Democrats again when they show LGBTs some respect. Sheesh. Wish I'd never voted for the guy and just stayed home in November.

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