Monday, February 19, 2007

Bball memior

I'm not a really big fan of basketball (a handicap when one works for the rabid mob of roundball fandom that happens to have a little college attached to it, Duke University). But, this new memior from John Amaechi looks like interesting reading.

Amaechi, who came out of the closet, doesn't use the book as an opportunity to diss fellow players or turn in the usual inspiring "up by your bootstraps" sports story. According to a reviewer at Salon, the book is more about the pain and isolation of being literate. Amaechi's interest in art and poetry probably isolated him more from his teammates than his homosexuality.

It's curious that there's still that jock/nerd separation in society - one can be atheletic, but not intelligent and vice versa. The Onion has its own take on Amaechi's coming out that plays with this idea.

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