Wednesday, December 10, 2008

NPR cancels shows; listeners yawn

NPR is laying off 7% of its workforce and canceling two shows, "Day to Day" and "News and Notes".

In the press release, NPR noted that neither program acheived enough listeners or underwriting to continue production.

It's not surprising. I listened to "Day to Day" a few times and found it to be just more of the same talk and light news features that NPR listeners get on every other show that the network puts out these days. "Day to Day" was particularly bad since many of the stories were just repeats of material you could read at "Slate", which was a corporate partner in the show.

It's strange how public radio used to have interesting, diverse programming with new and engaging music, dramas once in a while, experimental docs, and other works that gave me a better understanding of the world.

Now, every show (except the long in the tooth "Car Talk" and "Prarie Home Companion") all sound like "All Things Considered".


I do enjoy my satellite radio.

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