Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And even more gay news

A vandal struck one of the benches in front of a dorm at Duke.

For those that aren't employees of Duke or alumni, I'll explain that the benches in front of the dorm are wood and each group of dorm residents paints them up with something having to do with the name of the dorm - they burn them in a big bonfire as part of some kind of tradition at some point. (The details escape me.)

But, regardless of that, the bench in front of Giles, which said "G-Spot", was painted over with an F and A in front of the G.

The students responded by pasting over the thing with messages of support for gays and against hate speech.

Hmph... times are changing. I remember a decade or two ago when this kind of stunt wouldn't get any attention at all.

article at the Duke Chronicle

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