Thursday, March 5, 2009

Why is gay marriage such a big deal?

Salon has a brief blog post that explains one reason why Gay marriage is important to LGBTs.

Annie Liebovitz inherited several properties from her partner Susan Sontag - because of a 50% tax on inheritances, which wouldn't apply if their partnership was recognized as a marriage, Liebovitz has nearly gone bankrupt.

blog post at Salon

Meanwhile, about 3,000 fundamentalists gathered at the state capital in Raleigh in support of a proposed North Carolina that defines marriage between a man and a woman. There's also been some similar politicking by conservative religious groups in Illinois backed by the Mormons.

Question: Are the Mormons throwing money behind the North Carolina demonstrations, much like they did with Prop 8?

article at the Duke Chronicle
blog post at Americablog (on Illinois)

Update: It appears the Mormons are campaigning in Maine since there's a bill in consideration there. Americablog raises a good point - is the church engaging in missionary religious practices or engaging in political organizing? If it's the latter, it raises questions about their tax exempt status and their fundraising would fall under election donation transparency laws.

blog post at Americablog (on Maine)

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